The Good Nite Lite
Product Description

The objective of the "Good Nite Lite" is to educate children to stay in bed until it is morning. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years of age are just starting to grasp the concept of day and night and how it relates to regularly scheduled rest. The Good Nite Lite can assist children with better differentiating the concept of nighttime and daytime and reinforce the benefits of appropriate sleep patterns. The Good Nite Lite device itself is an innovative combination of a traditional night light and a built in timer that changes the visual display characteristics to reinforce a regular sleep pattern.

Measures 6" in diameter

Having a bright light, even a regular nightlight, on in a child's room inhibits teaching them that when it is dark, it is time for sleep and when it is light, its time to get up. The objective is to educate children to associate light with the daytime activities, and darkness with nighttime and rest. Ideally, the night light would be on a timer such that the light will be bright while they first go to sleep, and automatically dim after a set time. The Good Nite Lite implements exactly this approach and, in addition, provides additional reinforcement that its time to rest by displaying an easily recognized "Moon" caricature. Children rapidly come to associate the dim unobtrusive moon image with the knowledge that it is still bedtime and they should go back to sleep. At the time you choose in the morning, the Good Nite Lite will brighten and display a cheerful "Sun" caricature letting the child know that is time to wake up and permissible to get out of bed and start the days activities. During the day, the Good Nite Lite automatically shuts itself off to eliminate any distractions and to conserve energy.